Get Your Business IT Under Control With Our IT Scorecard and Strategy Overview Report

You know you need to sort out your IT but you don't know where to start.

Most businesses need a number of systems required to run successfully. These include (but aren't limited to):

  • Financial / Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Website and analytics
  • Transactional Email (day to day email as opposed to marketing emails)
  • Office Application Suite
  • Other Desktop Software

When you are just starting out you will need to make decisions about each of these systems.  You may have already spent hours researching and googling for answers, and you are probably more confused than ever, am I right?

If you are already in business you may have some of these in place, but do you know if they are the best options to support your business strategy effectively?

Are you controlling the IT systems or are they controlling you?

We will help you understand your IT needs and align your systems with your business strategy

Are you getting the best return you can from that IT investment?

What can you expect?

We will deliver clear and concise IT advice that is tailored to your business.

Being completely independent and technology agnostic, we do not make any commissions from our recommendations, nor do we work for any software vendors so you can be sure that we will suggest the best solutions for your business without any other motivation.

The process is simple:

  1. We meet with you for a 1 - 2 hour meeting face to face in person or online
  2. We follow up with questions via email or phone
  3. We prepare a tailored report for you that covers:
A summary of your existing IT environment
A list of recommendations for immediate action
A high level risk assessment report of your current IT
A summary and assessment of your current and projected IT budget

As somewhat of a luddite myself, one of the things I appreciate most about Matt at Kuter Solutions, is his ability to communicate, both in spoken and written form, in plain English. His ideas, proposals and strategies are clear, simple, straight-forward and conveyed in such a way that I can understand and act on them.

He took time to research and deeply understand my business in terms of its offering, processes and needs; considered both long-term strategy and short-term implementation mapping out the right IT direction for me; and has sought out efficient, effective solutions that keep costs to a minimum and processes stream-lined.

I am enormously grateful to have found a ‘geek with people skills’ and highly recommend Matt’s services to any businesses in need of an outsourced CIO.

Carolyn Crawford

Director @ F2F Communications

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