Part 1 – Registering a Domain and Purchasing Hosting with Zuver

This is part 1 in a series of  detailed articles about setting up a brand new domain on Australian hosting provider Zuver.  See here for an overview of the whole series. When registering a domain name you need to consider whether you want a .com, or other type of address. My recommendation is for […]

Don’t Have $1000s to Spend on your New Website? Read this!

I have been asked by a some very new business owners what’s the easiest way to set up a new domain name with a WordPress website and email for their businesses. This series of posts provides the Kuter Solution to this question! By the end of the series, if you follow along, you will have your own domain […]

High Availability explained in plain English

Following on from my previous article about backups I thought I’d do a plain English explanation of High Availability (HA). Picture this scenario – You are about to launch a new product, you’ve sent out the marketing email to your email list and are expecting 1,000’s of people to be flocking to your website to buy. […]

Backups – a critical thing for all businesses

So the other week my wife was trying to get her new Apple Watch working with her iPhone and something just wasn’t working right. Now as expected I am the IT support for the family and so I went to the first step of IT support – If it isn’t working then turn it off and […]

A plain English Explanation of secure websites (HTTPS)

So what is with that Green lock icon that you see in the address bar of the browser? The green lock (check in your address bar above) indicates that the site is using a secure channel to send and receive data between your computer and that website. This is done using a technology called Secure […]

Why you need an IT strategy – no matter how small your company

Do you have an IT strategy? An IT strategy is used to provide guidance on the following questions: Is the existing technology being used effectively? Are the existing IT solutions supported adequately? What should the next IT investment look like? What IT projects should be pursued? How much should be budgeted for IT changes? Sourcing […]