We help Australian based startups make the right IT decisions to establish and grow into successful businesses.

So you have a brilliant business idea and have launched your startup? What Now?

The process of setting up your business requires many decisions to be made, there are many problems to solve.  You are excited to get in and solve those problems that will make your business thrive!

There's decisions about everything, who to hire, where to advertise, how the business will actually run.  These questions are important and it's critical that you answer those.

But what about the questions that you have about the technical things?

If you are just starting out (bootstrapping as we IT folk like to call it) then you may be wondering...

  • How do I setup our domain with email and website ?
  • Should we use this software or that ?
  • Cloud vs Hosted ?
  • Which vendor should I go with ?
  • How do I integrate my IT systems ?
  • Do I need a CRM ?
  • Are my systems being backed up ?

Stop, Stop, STOP!

That's too many questions....



Getting it wrong

Perhaps you've already made a few of these decisions and are living with the consequences of bad choices?

Or you are taking too much time answering the IT problems and not enough on the business.


You want to focus on solving the business problems that grow your business.

You need someone who knows IT and knows your business to help guide you in making the right technical decisions.


Let's make those IT decisions together

We work with you to understand your business so that we can get your IT foundation right!

Do you have a limited budget? We can work with you to maximise the return from what you can spend.


With experience in software development (coding and testing), project management, budgeting, IT architecture and strategy we can help.


We work with you to understand your business and recommend the right amount of IT needed at every stage of your business.


We are completely independent and technology agnostic and do not make any commissions from our recommendations.

We are equally at home talking to developers about code as we are consulting with directors about business strategy.